Friday, November 26, 2004

turkey day oh turkey day

hope your thanksgiving was as weird as mine. I sat in wang wei's parents house in beijing on thursday eating noodles and listening to a story about how the night before his parents had some friends over. The drinking and conversation became so rowdy and animated that neighbors called the cops. In addition, they scared their mynah bird to death. Yes, that's right, it DIED the next morning. They kept blaming the mynah bird for having such a weak constitution. The best part was that they were all trying to act like it was perfectly normal to scare a bird to death. I'm cracking up right now in my little office cubicle just thinking about how completely bizarre the whole thing was.

We're making it up though on sat. we're going to a friend's house for real turkey din din. I will try to eek out a pumpkin pie from my surprisingly versitile toaster oven.

Happy "opressing native peoples in the name of liberation" Day. Happy "I've eaten enough on my own to feed a village in a third world country" Day. Happy "inflatable commercial icons led through the streets of New York City" Day. American culture is amazing isn't it? Ahhh, I love what we can come up with when left to our own devices. Gobble Gobble indeed!


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