Wednesday, September 29, 2004

binge and purge

at some point, after looking at hours upon hours of contemporary art you suddenly lose a sense of perspective. hits you like a refrigerator dropped from the sky. judgement is lost and everything starts to lose relevance - reality falls away in chunks with each piece of artwork you see. that's when you find yourself in the shanghai musem of art staring at paintings related to 9-11, listening to Elton John on a pair of headphones thinking, "well, this guy's not a bad song writer after all." that's when you know it's time to stop. time to get a coffee.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a coffee. I went to 2 more shows in this extreme state of oversaturation because I had to leave shanghai this evening. The result is that could not tell if the work I was looking at was good or not. all I know is that I saw it. tainted by elton john. maybe this was what was wrong with 70s.


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