Monday, August 30, 2004

and this room...

the interesting thing about acquiring property with one's partner is that you have to face and negotiate every point of contention that gets avoided on the day-to-day level as if it was a major decision. priority structures in everyone's mind becomes transparent when it comes to alloting space to the most and least important activities in one's life. simple decisions like 'what is the largest room in the apartment for?' may seem simple, but become concentrated distillations of each person's outlook on life. So is the big space for living, as in a 'living room' or is it for working? how about which room to sleep in? would that be the biggest room or the smallest room? or something in between?

and what to do when faced point blank with the statement: "We'll make the smallest room our bedroom because we only sleep there."

Hold everything... Do I know you?


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