Sunday, March 14, 2010

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someone didn't get the memo

An article in the NYT about the chinese economy has this amazing ringer at the end. after a whole discussion of why china won't devalue the renmenbi, it mentions an incident during the climate change conference in copenhagen:

"[Wen] had not deliberately skipped the meeting, as some at the conference charged. Mr. Wen’s absence from that session, which was attended by President Obama and other leaders, has been touted by critics as a symbol of China’s intransigence on climate issues at the conference, which ended without reaching many of its key goals.

“Why was China not notified of this meeting? So far no one has given us any explanation about it, and it still is a mystery,” [Wen] said.

hmmm. maybe someone should notify the distinguished leader that no one told me is not really an acceptable excuse anymore once you become the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

Friday, February 19, 2010

channel me- week 2

sports fans!

channel me's second installment at the arrow factory will commence sunday (feb 21, 2010) at 16:00! music, cooking, the fashion police, oh my! and that's not all- wangwei and i will be organizing the 健身乒乓球世界杯 Exercise Ping-Pong World Cup Competition. what is that, you ask? well, here's the brief:

Fierce competitors from all over the globe will gather at the Arrow Factory Sunday Feb 21, 2010 at to compete for the Exercise Ping Pong World Cup Championship.


The single elimination matches will take place using a small folding table with spices and bottles lined up across the middle as a net.


1. Competitors will first sing as much of their national anthem as they can remember.


2. Competitors will pick their paddle of choice. There will be at least 5 choices of paddles ranging from rice scoopers, spatulas, pot lids, trivets, etc.

选手挑选比赛用拍, 球拍共有五种选择:日记本,铅笔盒,炒菜的铲子,乘米饭的铲子,塑料或木制小案板等。

3. Competitors will serve 3 times.


4. whoever gets to 6 points first wins.


Competition lasts until the final round. Only a Gold medal will be awarded.


At the awards ceremony, all present sing the chinese national anthem, regardless of their country of origin and regardless of the winner's nationality.


all competitors should arrive at the arrow factory by 5:30pm to register. competition starts around 6:15pm. all nationalities welcome - ideally you can also sing a portion of your national anthem.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy tiger

happy new year! it's only the first day of the new year and i think we've had more than enough dumplings, fireworks, more food, and more drink. only 2 more weeks to go. i also managed to get a VPN working and can finally connect with the outside world. hello all. apologies for the silence.

we've got a new work up at the arrow factory. Nie Mu has turned the space into a tv production studio making programs and "narrowcasting" the video on a monitor inside. Her project, entitled Channel Me, just finished the first program today and will be filming every sunday for the next 3 weeks. i'll post photos of the event soon, but in the meantime, here's a link to the info:


Monday, December 07, 2009

office chair redux

office chair redux
Originally uploaded by raniaho

we were just in shenzhen for the shenzhen-hong
kong architecture biennial
. wandering around the electronics market i
came upon this guy and a jury-rigged trash bin that he was dragging around
to sweep up garbage on the street. He said he made it himself. awesome.